About Us

Young with Beauty is the newest and trendiest brand that has unlocked the inner workings of a new hoodie style. If you are still relying over cotton hoodies for style and comfort, it’s high time you shift! Cotton is an absorbent that soaks up moisture from your hair which makes it frizzy and dry. The cotton fibers also tug on your hair as you move your head. This can ultimately lead to breakage. All the curly hair beauties know that satin is a KEY factor in saving curls overnight. Why not keep the protection all day long? Lined with satin, Young with Beauty hoodies provide you the chance to keep your hair protected from damage and tangles throughout the day. The satin lining gently allows your hair to glide over, reducing friction and tangles while keeping your hair intact all day long.

Additionally, all hoods are just a little bit oversized, to perfectly fit the biggest of hair styles. Feel stylish, comfortable, and experience the feeling of not having to worry about your hair after running around town with your hoodie on. Shop through a variety of our hoodies to protect your locks and look fancy at the same time.